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Colored Urinals

Colored Urinals

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Minimum Order Quantity: 6 units of the same color

Pure design and different colors. The stylish colored ceramic urinal made from non-porous, high-quality ceramic is available on request. Our ceramic waterless urinals feature an attractive, clear design.
The patented odor trap and microbiological cleaning agents guarantee disruption-free, odorless operation. Different colours will be specially made for you to make your individual project stylish.

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    • The waterless urinal bowl 

      High-quality V2A stainless steel ensures durability even under the hardest conditions.

    • Weight 

      At 6.4 kg, it is light in weight and is easy to install thanks to its complete mounting frame.

    • Absolute hygiene

      Reduced cleaning work thanks to non-splash design.

    • Information

      Item no. 18200
      Material: Stainless steel 
      Weight: 6.4 kg

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    Functionality of Urimat MB-ActiveTrap for waterless urinals


    Waterless urinals odor trap with vertical membrane technology.

    •  Contactless
    •  Visual change indicator
    •  Resistant to under and over-pressure
    •  Integrated cleaning stone
    •  Frost-proof
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