MB-ActiveCleaner Tab

A highly concentrated biological cleaning tab, offering unique advantages. The tab is extremely effective in its performance, and an ecological friendly product.

  •  >99% reduced plastic and packaging waste
  •  99% less transport weight
  •  Natural ingredients
  •  Environment friendly packaging
  •  Reduction of CO2 emissions
  •  pH-neutral
  • Reduce plastic waste, transport costs and CO2 emissions

    The MB-ActiveCleanerTab has a formula that has been specially developed for cleaning urinals, toilets and bathroom surfaces as a biological cleaner containing micro organism. Due to its natural ingredients it does not emit any harmful vapours. Compared to liquid cleaners the usage of cleaning tabs reduces plastic waste significantly and protects the environment.

  • Technical characteristics:

    20 tablets per package
    Weight: 3.4g per tablet
    Dilution time max. 300 seconds / 5 minutes
    Dilute with 0.5-1.0 litre of water

    *The test and statement on compatibility refers to the use concentration of the product in connection with the instructions for use.

  • Scope of Application

    • Urinals, toilets and sanitary facilities
    • As cleaning liquid for URIMAT urinals
    • Washrooms and shower rooms
    • Building façades, throughways and stairwells
    • Rubbish containers and rubbish collection stations
    • Floors, carpeting, etc
  • 1. Insert one MB-ActiveCleanerTab into a new spray bottle

  • 2. Fill water bottle with 1000 ml.  

  • 3. Close the bottle and wait max. 300 sec. until the tab is completely dissolved - shake the bottle several times

  • Why cleaning tabs?

    1’000 of tons of plastic bottles are used for cleaning products and are disposed every year without plastic recycling. Additionally the transportation of cleaning liquids with their heavy weight produces a large amount of CO2and leads to high transport costs.

    To avoid all these points, cleaning tabs offer a very good and trendsetting alternative to existing cleaning liquids and assure same cleaning performance.

    The MB-ActiveCleanerTabs do not leave any harmful residues and can therefore be used in the entire toilet area without any special dangers.

    Often, when mixing liquid cleaners, more liquid concentrate is used than required, resulting in overdosing; not so with tabs. Preparing the ready-to-use cleaning solution is easy and dosage is therefore always correct.