"Saving the water we need to grow food and fight fires"

Fredy H.

One regular urinal uses up to 40,000 gallons of water, per year! There are over 6 million flush urinals just in the State of California alone!

Waterless urinals that work. Period.

Organic enzymes trap filters keep them clean and fresh.

MB-Active Trap & Universal Trap

Works with organic enzymes. No odor. No build-up. No problem.

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Patented Three-Way Control

The cover of the integrated MB-ActiveCube has three settings which regulate the efficiency of the block.

No liquid sealant required.

Integrated MB-ActiveCube

The integrated MB-ActiveCube improves hygiene, reduces deposits and prevents the pipe from build-up.

Organic enzymes keep it running smoothly.

Life-cycle indicator

After the MB-ActiveCube (BLUE) has dissolved, the red surface signals time to replace.

Simply... if it's RED, it's DEAD!

Vertical seal provides an air tight system (no odor)

Odors are completely sealed away and is able to withstand both negative and positive pressures. It is impossible for gases from the sewage system to escape.


Advertising with URIMAT

A high-yield investment.

URIMAT is not only a market leader among waterless urinals, but at the same time offers an advertising medium with significant reach in a clearly defined target group. There is no changing the channel or turning the page. Your advertising message is viewed on average for 40 seconds.

Hand dryers

Quiet, fast, and good for the environment


Uses up to one hundred times less energy than paper and cloth dispensers. Play an active role in protecting the environment with URIMAT hand dryers.



PH-neutral, biological and sustainable.

Dermatologically tested for skin-friendliness and found to be «very good». Our organic MB-ActiveCleaner eliminates the bad odors caused when organic matter decomposes. It is particularly well suited for maintenance cleaning and odor elimination in heavily used washrooms & sanitary facilities.

Used Worldwide

When you choose the market leader – you are in excellent company.


URIMAT sets standards

URIMAT sets standards. As a leading company for waterless technology, URIMAT is continually redefining the quality standard.


URIMAT Water is life*.

URIMAT is a leading producer of environmentally friendly products in the sanitary ware industry.

* Around 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. But only 0.3% of all the water on the planet is available in streams, rivers and groundwater for potential use as drinking water.


Sustainability Circle

  • High-tech polycarbonate bowl, carbon-neutral manufacturing, 100% recyclable
  • Unique odor trap technology with integrated cleaning system Saving minimum 40,000 gallons of drinking water a year per urinal = 39 lbs less CO2
  • Microbiological cleaning system
  • Financing possibility through advertising